Saturday English Service

Every Saturday at 10:30AM

매주 토요일 오전 10시 30분 영어로 진행하는 불교 법회가 있습니다

불교에 관심이 있는 미국 현지인들과 영어가 자연스러운 한인들을 대상으로 합니다.  

문의사항은 아래로 연락을 주시기 바랍니다.

자세한 법회의 내용은 아래를 참조하시기 바랍니다.

"Making Good Buddhism"

We offer Weekly dharma service at our temple every Saturday from 10: 30am. Starting with meditation for 30 mintues, the service will proceed to a recitation of liturgy such as three refuge, prayers, and reciting various Buddhist scriptures in order to purify, tame, and develop our mind.

"Purification of Mind"

In the middle of service, a monk, Buddhist minister, or dharma friend will present a talk about various Buddhist teachings, by which we can apply the Buddhist wisdom to our daily living and also to our community.

By offering weekly public service, we would like to share the wisdom of what the Buddha taught. With pleasure, we invite everyone, who wants to make Buddhism together in this land." Anyone who is interested in Buddhism or "making Buddhism" to better appear in America can join our weekly service.


Contents of the Service  

10:30AM_Meditation Session

11:00AM_Dharma Service

  1. Three Refuge

  2. Five Precepts

  3. Repentance

  4. Prayer of Blessing (Mangala Sutta)

  5. Dharma Talk

  6. Prayer of Loving-Kindness (Metta Sutta)

  7. Prayer for Sharing of Merit

  8. Four Great Vows

  9. Prayer of Conclusion (Heart Sutra)

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