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Buddhist Temple

Overview of Buddhist Meditation

In this post, we are going to look at the general outline of Buddhist practice. The outline will show the overarching structure, process, and principle of Buddhist meditation, by which one can not only better understand what Buddhism is about, but also understand the...

How to Sit for Meditation

"After the meal, when I have returned from the alms round, I enter a grove. I collect some grass or leaves that I find there into a pile and then sit down. Having folded my legs crosswise and straightened my body, I establish mindfulness in front of me. ” Aṅguttara...

Notice for Yoga Class Cancellation

Yoga Class cancellation Due to other schedules, we have to cancel yoga class on those days indicated below. Sorry for inconvenience.  9 of January, Wednessday 7pm, Yoga class. 2 of January, Saturday 7pm, Yoga class.

"Be no-self rather than be yourself"

“Cunda, as to those various views that arise in the world associated either with doctrines of a self or with doctrines about the world: if [the object] in relation to which those views arise, which they underlie, and which they are exercised upon is seen as it...