Meditation Class for Beginners

by May 4, 2021programs

Learn to Meditate

We offer an introductory meditation class for people who want to learn the foundation of Buddhist meditation such as how to sit and focus on meditation subjects. The introductory meditation class will explore the basic principle and techniques of meditation. This is especially appropriate for beginners wishing to explore Buddhist meditation.

Starting from the first Saturday on every month, the course is of four classes on Saturday at 3pm.

Registration required (Click)
Fee: $50 of suggested donationn
Contact Us

Please give us an emial or phone call to make an appointment for both the public and individual instruction.

Phone: (1) 718 358 9545

Individual Instruction

For those who cannot join our public gatherings, we also offer an individualized instruction at the temple.
Feel free to contact. We can schedule a time and date together.


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